In times like these, and especially in times of the pandemic, there is a growing demand for evidence-based services to address mental health issues. PsyCare was developed by psychologists and is based on scientific evidence to provide immediate help in a crisis.

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How we can help!

We understand you!

  • Are you wondering how to recharge your batteries?
  • Does your perfect day have 25 hours?
  • Would you like to work on your soft skills?

With PsyCare, you will find exactly the support you have been looking for. Our virtual assistant will not let you down and will accompany you every step of the way.

Many modules with practical tips and exercises!

Choose from a variety of modules to find just the right exercise that suits your mood and needs. Our virtual assistant will help you with any questions. 

Different formats!

You are not an app person? No problem! PsyCare card game is also available as a classic card game with 52 cards. One for every week of the year.

This makes it a game that you can either play yourself over a period of one year or share with other people. The PsyCare card game is also a perfect gift for your loved ones.

About PsyCare


In 2020, the federal government organized a hackathon and subsequent implementation program for projects to counter the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this course, we developed the health app PsyCare. 

This app addresses mental stress that people encounter in your everyday life and provides valuable recommendations for action and practical advice on how to deal with you.  


As a constant companion, PsyCare is versatile. Whether as a life coach, in a corporate context or for the healthcare sector. Convince yourself!


An overview of the publications on PsyCurio and PsyCare can be found Click

Our modules

We offer 8 different modules on stress, anxiety, self-confidence, relationship, sleep, activities, psyche and work-life balance. Each module contains numerous exercises and instructions that can be selected depending on your mood and condition.















Die positiven Auswirkungen von Meditation auf Stresserleben, Mitgefühl, Selbstwahrnehmung und die Gesundheit sind wissenschaftlich bewiesen