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5 Vorteile von Mindfulness und Meditation für Dich!

Meditation and Mindfulness

5 Benefits for You!

“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.” Rainer Maria Rilke

You are full of excitement for the new year!

…but the first days of 2022 just passed and you already feel overwhelmed by new changes or the uncertainty of the pandemic?
Why not try meditation and mindfulness for a smooth start to the new adventure 2022?
Here is why:

1. Stress reduction in the body
2. Alleviating the sensation of pain
3. Lowering the blood pressure
4. Strengthen the immune system
5. Strengthen the mental resistance and flexibility

Just try it out:
Start the task by concentrating fully on your breathing.
Breath more calmly and deeply than usual and pay attention to the exact position of your body.
Pour some oil and a spoon of salt (attention: may burn if injured!) or sugar on the insides of your hands.
Rub the mixture between your hands and consciously sense how it feels.
Wash your hands later and feel how fine and soft your hands are now!

We wish you a happy new year, full of joy, health, and energy!🎊