Modern psychotherapy faces many challenges. PsyCurio helps you to cope with them, through the many advantages of virtual reality therapy.

Our Motivation

Virtual Reality Patienten

For Patients

Patients are actively involved in the treatment and see the individual progress transparently. Objective and comprehensible biofeedback helps in this process. That motivates!

Virtual Reality Therapeut

For medical professionals

Virtual reality reduces the effort required for treatment and organization and still allows treatment to be tailored to the patient's needs. This ensures the success of the treatment in the long term!


For clinics

The use of virtual reality in everyday treatment reduces the cost pressure on clinics and practices, improves the image of a facility and optimizes treatments!

Virtual Reality Therapie Zugang

For society

Virtual reality offers fast help when and where it is needed and delivers sustainable treatment successes through state-of-the-art technology. This makes mental health an everyday issue and breaks away from existing stigmas! 

Your advantages at a glance


Therapy situation precisely controllable and reproducible


Considerable time and cost savings for the therapy facilities


Therapy independent of location: no arrival and departure times


Data analysis enables objective feedback for patients

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Increasing the attractiveness of your facility

Virtual Reality Therapy enables your patients to experience the most comfortable and effective psychotherapy on the market


For fast and long-term treatment success