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VR - Basic

In this workshop, we will help you determine the optimal use of VR in your company and take your first steps towards the future. We will teach you the basics for the use of VR in various areas. Among them human resources development, corporate health management. We will also be happy to take up topics that are of particular importance to you and work with you to determine how you can benefit from the use of VR.



VR - Advanced

Have you already had initial experience with VR in your company? Are you able to use VR profitably? But every now and then you face problems for which you cannot find a solution? Whether in a clinical or corporate context, in this workshop we address these problems. We work with you to develop realistic and feasible solutions, impart further knowledge on the use of VR and provide an action plan to use VR specifically for your use case.


VR - for clinics and practices

VR is recommended by the DGPPN for the use of specific psychological and neurological disorders. We will train you in the use of VR in everyday clinical practice. Learn which disorders are currently treatable, what to look out for when using VR and what possibilities this opens up for your patients. 



Opportunities and possibilities of VR

VR can do more than display 3D environments: Gamification and real-time feedback can be used to track learning outcomes, mine data, and motivate users. In this workshop, you'll learn how to use augmentation technologies such as heart rate tracking, eye tracking, and haptic feedback. You will also learn how to control user attention through gamification elements.




VR and Corona

The current pandemic hit the world unexpectedly. Especially in case of interpersonal contacts, the measures are stressful for many. Especially now it is even more important that communication and learning platforms effectively support exchange within the company. The use of VR-supported measures helps here. Possibilities and proven applications of VR are taught in this workshop. 



PsyCurio is very versatile and can be used for a wide range of mental illnesses. Patients take up the offer well and with pleasure, and each treatment can be individually adapted to the patient's needs.

Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Udo Schneider

Medical Director, MKK

In the field of addiction medicine in particular, there is a significant deficit in care, especially in the outpatient setting, and this despite the fact that addictive disorders can be counted among the most common mental illnesses worldwide. A modern psychotherapeutic intervention should at best be carried out in the patient's familiar environment and as close to reality as possible. Especially in addiction treatment, this is often difficult to implement in an inpatient setting, so that VR-supported therapy can be a very promising way to achieve this goal in the future, based on the needs of the patient.

Dr. med. Alexander Glahn

Senior physician, MHH

I find the fact that psychoeducational content has been incorporated into the virtual museum useful. This is particularly suitable for use in clinics to take the first steps with patients. Due to the special nature of psychoeducation in VR, an application even at the beginning of a therapy makes a lot of sense. In addition, the possibility of being able to record your own images and voice recordings in the virtual museum can be very helpful. For example, in a long collaboration with patients, this would be useful. I can imagine a regular use of VR in any case and with almost all patients.

Nicole Krysiuk, MSc.,

Clinical psychologist in independent practice in Vienna

Shaping the future and seizing opportunities. The approach to use digital content and virtual reality in psychological care and therapy is innovative, individual and illuminates an unexplored area of digitalization.

Niko Dürrkopp

DRK Herford

When I think about how difficult it is to do an exposure in the daily clinic routine, this is an incredible relief. The meditations also allow patients to immerse themselves who otherwise have difficulty getting involved.

Julia Kilian


The method of PsyCurio seems to me impressive, contemporary and effective. In order to practice behavioral patterns, it makes sense to set up protected spaces that are fault-tolerant and that are set against the permanent informative influences that are often unconscious to the individual.

Dr. med Cesary J. Krüger


VR as a forward-looking technology, which have been implemented in an excellent way to dive into a world that promises mindfulness and relaxation.

Holger Remmers


For nursing training in particular, the project highlights digital technologies that will be increasingly relevant in professional practice in the future. Great project, super interesting.


Gesundheits- und Kinderkrankenpflegerin