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VR - Basic

In this workshop, we will help you determine the optimal use of VR in your company and take your first steps towards the future. We will teach you the basics for the use of VR in various areas. Among them human resources development, corporate health management. We will also be happy to take up topics that are of particular importance to you and work with you to determine how you can benefit from the use of VR.



VR - Advanced

Have you already had initial experience with VR in your company? Are you able to use VR profitably? But every now and then you face problems for which you cannot find a solution? Whether in a clinical or corporate context, in this workshop we address these problems. We work with you to develop realistic and feasible solutions, impart further knowledge on the use of VR and provide an action plan to use VR specifically for your use case.


VR - for clinics and practices

Wir schulen Sie im Einsatz von VR im klinischen Alltag. Erfahren Sie, welche Störungsbilder derzeit behandelbar sind, auf was bei dem Einsatz geachtet werden muss und welche Möglichkeiten sich daraus für Ihre Patienten ergeben. 



Opportunities and possibilities of VR

VR can do more than display 3D environments: Gamification and real-time feedback can be used to track learning outcomes, mine data, and motivate users. In this workshop, you'll learn how to use augmentation technologies such as heart rate tracking, eye tracking, and haptic feedback. You will also learn how to control user attention through gamification elements.




VR and Corona

The current pandemic hit the world unexpectedly. Especially in case of interpersonal contacts, the measures are stressful for many. Especially now it is even more important that communication and learning platforms effectively support exchange within the company. The use of VR-supported measures helps here. Possibilities and proven applications of VR are taught in this workshop.